Ready renovation: renovate your home with the renovation credit!


The renovation loan: and your home rejuvenates!

The renovation loan: and your home rejuvenates!

When you bought your house, you swore to realize as quickly as possible the various renovations that were necessary. Only here, a few years later, you are still preparing yourself in the same tired bathroom and having lunch in a kitchen that would need a few strokes of paint. The facade of your home has, over the years, also lost its beauty. Not to mention your roof, which is on the decline…

A bathroom, a kitchen, a facade, a roof: so many posts whose refurbishment requires a significant investment. And, life being what it is, many households can not afford to unlock such sums in one single time. Hence the interest of the Crediloin renovation loan!

To keep your renovations going forever: the renovation loan

To keep your renovations going forever: the renovation loan

If some opt for a refurbishment piecemeal, others, not wanting to step over stepladders, sanders and other cans of paint for months, choose to finance this work through a renovation loan.

The renovation loan Crediloin gives you the opportunity to renovate your home without your lifestyle is impacted.

The renovation credit: for all your work!


Through the renovation credit, you can finance a multitude of works:

  • Redo the plumbing
  • Repaint your facade
  • Have a pool built
  • Change of cuisine
  • Have a walk-in shower installed
  • Fit attic
  • Have a carport built
  • Enlarge your home with a veranda
  • Change your chassis
  • Review all your heating system

Almost everything is possible!

Renovation credit: what conditions?

Renovation credit: what conditions?

Just like the work loan, the renovation credit is subject to some conditions. In order to benefit from this specific personal loan, you must be the owner of the house likely to benefit from this renovation work and be in possession of invoices or signed purchase orders explaining the work to be undertaken.

The Crediloin renovation loan

By taking out a renovation loan with Crediloin, you will benefit from a fixed rate, get an answer within 24 hours, benefit from personalized advice, be assured of a transparent and professional service. Do not hesitate!

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