Ready energy: discover the energy credit!


The energy loan or how to spend money to win

The energy loan or how to spend money to win

Do you want to reduce your energy bill ? You can not support the costs of the necessary work and modifications? Do not give up on it: turn to energy loans !

An ill-conceived house, poorly insulated or poorly arranged, can quickly inflate your energy bill. Old dwellings are also customary heat and energy wastage. To bring them up to date, however, it is advisable to invest more or less money…

Swap its old boiler for a new, more ecological and less energy intensive, install a controlled mechanical ventilation to limit the drafts of air while improving the quality of it, isolate attics, walls and roof or changing the chassis is actually a cost. Cost that all households unfortunately can not cope with.

If there is a whole series of aids and bonuses specially developed to help us to undertake such work, it remains that they do not allow to include the bill in its entirety. Fortunately, to support the remaining amounts, it is possible to opt for the energy loan.

Energy credit in practice

Energy credit in practice

The loan Crediloin energy is none other than installment loan (personal loan) focused on the energy aspect of our homes. The monthly payments of the energy credit are therefore fixed, even though the amount borrowed is known from the outset.

Energy credit: what for?

The energy credit can be subscribed on many occasions:

  • Realization of an energy audit
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Replacement of an existing lighting system for the benefit of another, more energy efficient
  • Purchase and installation of a room thermostat
  • Replacing old chassis with new ones
  • Installation of high-performance glazing
  • Replacement of current faucets with thermostatic faucets
  • Insulation of roofs, walls, floors or attics
  • Installation of a new boiler (condensing boiler, for example)
  • Placement of a controlled mechanical ventilation
  • Installation of a heat pump

50% energy – 50% work

Attention, the energy credit is an affected loan. In other words, this means that it can only be granted to you by means of proof of quotation and / or invoice in connection with the works which are the object of the credit.

Particularity: you can use half of the amount borrowed to perform transformation work that does not necessarily aim to achieve energy savings. Thus, if you choose to subscribe an energy loan to install solar panels on your roof, for example, with the remaining half of the sum, you are free to arrange your attic or to redo your kitchen or your room bath!

Invest to win

Invest to win

You know the saying that borrowing money also costs money. If the works, whatever they are, will also cost you, remains that this money is not stupidly thrown by the windows. Eventually, it is likely to make you win, your energy bill is logically brought down through them.