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In recent years, credit agencies like have made life easier for individuals by offering online bad credit loans. It is even now possible to directly subscribe to an online credit immediately, without a physical appointment in a financial institution. A solution that seduces more and more the most in a hurry or people who are short of time.

Although banks lend more and more money via the internet, do not be fooled. This does not mean that they do not check the creditworthiness of their clients before granting them a loan. Each financial institution takes the time to study the files of the credit applicants and to verify their financial history.

Nevertheless, it is an effective, fast and practical solution when time is short. In a few clicks on the internet, the borrower compares the various proposals and chooses the one that is most suited to his project. In less than 24 hours, you will receive an answer from the establishment requested. It remains to compare the different solutions available to you. Know that it is also possible to go through an online broker and perform a simulation loan. Immediately, the broker will propose you loan offers to correspond to your request. If you are interested in one of the proposals, you will need to provide supporting documents such as your bank account statement, identity card or telephone bill to determine the place of residence. These parts make it easy to assess your creditworthiness.

What are the different types of credit?

First and foremost, it will be essential to determine the type of credit most suited to your needs in order to get the one at the best rate. Consumer credit is a credit that helps individuals manage their daily expenses. Convenient, consumer credit allows you to borrow small amounts and payback in a few months. This is one of its primary benefits. It allows the financing of projects as varied as a wedding, the purchase of a new car or a trip. There are many consumer credits that differ depending on your project. A short overview.

The personal loan

Among the best known is the personal loan. The main advantage of the personal loan is that it allows the subscriber to purchase goods without any proof. Thus, the borrower uses the money borrowed as he wishes, to finance at his convenience one or more projects or to restore a complicated financial situation. The duration and amount of the loan are defined in advance and are not adjustable. The subscriber knows exactly what he will have to pay each month without asking any questions.

The appropriated appropriation

You will understand, it’s the opposite of the personal loan. Indeed, as its name indicates, the credit allocated concerns a purchase determined in advance. Thus, the borrower must explain his purchase and justify it. The amount borrowed must be dedicated to this purchase and if the sale is canceled, the credit is also.

Flexible credit

Flexible credit offers the borrower the ability to scale it up or down. As a result, monthly payments may change depending on the financial situation of the borrower, who may decide to defer some monthly payments or prepay. Real estate loans, for example, fall into this category of credit.


With this type of credit, the maturity is increased by a certain percentage each year to allow the amortization of the credit. The rise is variable but is generally around 1%. On the other hand, it allows the borrower to benefit from relatively low monthly payments at the beginning of the repayment. Nevertheless, it is important to note that fixed-rate and revisable maturities are often more expensive than those with constant maturity.

The credit in fine

Monthly payments in fine do not repay the borrowed capital but only interest. The borrowed capital is reimbursed during the last installment. Credit in fine is generally used in the context of rental investment.

Relay credit

The bridge loan makes it possible to finance a new acquisition while the old housing is not yet sold. It is a credit in a fine that does not say its name and that joins in the financing until the recovery of the money from the sale. By nature, the duration of the bridge loan is short.

How much can I borrow for a personal payday loan? Sat, 20 Jul 2019 07:41:27 +0000

Over the course of a lifetime, many projects require that you apply for a personal loan (consumer credit) to help us finance them. One of the most important questions then is “How much can I borrow for a personal loan”? Here are some information and tools to help you answer it.

Whether a consumer wants to borrow to finance his wedding, work in his apartment, computer equipment or medical expenses, the maximum amount of his loan will depend on several parameters.

Range of personal payday loans

Range of personal credits

Note that the range of personal payday loans can range from a few thousand euros to several tens. The maximum amount of a consumer loan is generally € 75,000.

Because this type of application does not require proof of use, its meaning is essentially based on the profile of the borrower. Indeed, the credit agency will take into account the total monthly income of the borrower (salary, rental income, annuity, etc.), in order to calculate its borrowing capacity, and therefore repayment.

Know your financial situation

Know your financial situation

The financial situation of the person applying for credit will also depend on credits already in progress (real estate credit, car loan, etc.). This information will enable the credit agency to calculate the consumer’s debt ratio.

To know that if you want to subscribe to a personal loan, your debt ratio should not exceed 33% of your income.

To answer the question “How much can I borrow for a personal loan? And knowing in advance what the financial institution will offer you, you can calculate your borrowing capacity yourself.

For that, you just need to use one of the many existing loan simulators on the Internet. The loan simulation will give you a fairly accurate idea of ​​the amount you can claim based on your situation.

In general, keep in mind that your borrowing capacity will depend mainly on your monthly net income, your debt ratio and a credit rate grid established by the financial institutions.

Know your debt ratio

Know your debt ratio

In fact, to answer the question “How much can I borrow for a personal loan? You must know your debt ratio.

Here’s how to do it: the question is to know the part of your income that will be used to repay your consumer credit.

The calculation is as follows: debt ratio = (borrowing cost) × 100 ÷ (net income).

Namely, the borrowing burden must include all the monthly loan repayments you have already subscribed, as well as the monthly installments of the loans.

As for income, you will have to take into account your net wages (including bonuses if you have any), your possible non-wage income, and miscellaneous pensions (including alimony).

Ready renovation: renovate your home with the renovation credit! Wed, 19 Jun 2019 07:10:05 +0000


The renovation loan: and your home rejuvenates!

The renovation loan: and your home rejuvenates!

When you bought your house, you swore to realize as quickly as possible the various renovations that were necessary. Only here, a few years later, you are still preparing yourself in the same tired bathroom and having lunch in a kitchen that would need a few strokes of paint. The facade of your home has, over the years, also lost its beauty. Not to mention your roof, which is on the decline…

A bathroom, a kitchen, a facade, a roof: so many posts whose refurbishment requires a significant investment. And, life being what it is, many households can not afford to unlock such sums in one single time. Hence the interest of the Crediloin renovation loan!

To keep your renovations going forever: the renovation loan

To keep your renovations going forever: the renovation loan

If some opt for a refurbishment piecemeal, others, not wanting to step over stepladders, sanders and other cans of paint for months, choose to finance this work through a renovation loan.

The renovation loan Crediloin gives you the opportunity to renovate your home without your lifestyle is impacted.

The renovation credit: for all your work!


Through the renovation credit, you can finance a multitude of works:

  • Redo the plumbing
  • Repaint your facade
  • Have a pool built
  • Change of cuisine
  • Have a walk-in shower installed
  • Fit attic
  • Have a carport built
  • Enlarge your home with a veranda
  • Change your chassis
  • Review all your heating system

Almost everything is possible!

Renovation credit: what conditions?

Renovation credit: what conditions?

Just like the work loan, the renovation credit is subject to some conditions. In order to benefit from this specific personal loan, you must be the owner of the house likely to benefit from this renovation work and be in possession of invoices or signed purchase orders explaining the work to be undertaken.

The Crediloin renovation loan

By taking out a renovation loan with Crediloin, you will benefit from a fixed rate, get an answer within 24 hours, benefit from personalized advice, be assured of a transparent and professional service. Do not hesitate!

Loans between individuals Mon, 10 Jun 2019 08:00:36 +0000

About Mazinia

About Mazinia

Mazinia is a Belgian financial institution, active since 2015 in Belgium, which indirectly offers loans to individuals. Via its website, Mazinia allows an individual to lend money to another individual. Unlike a traditional bank, at Mazinia you can choose who you want to lend money to and what project you want to finance. In this way, Mazinia returns to a more traditional banking system where the savings of one are used to finance the projects of another.

Financial products and services offered by Mazinia

Financial products and services offered by Mazinia

Mazinia offers various indirect personal loans to individuals: a used car loan (between 2 and 4 years), a renovation credit, a wedding loan, a credit studies, a loan decoration, a credit holiday, and a loan all purposes (allowing to finance all types of projects). With Mazinia indirect credit, you can borrow between € 1,250 and € 30,000 to repay over a period of 12 to 60 months.

Mazinia Personal Loans are privately funded through Mazinia’s online platform. The financing system is done by means of Notes. When a person applies for a Mazinia loan, and the loan is accepted, that credit is then divided into several parts, called Notes. A private investor can finance a portion of the loan by buying a Note, which is a portion of the loan. The different Notes include a different default risk. The investor can choose the level of risk they wish to take. The higher the risk, the more important is the return on investment. The poorer the credit profile of the borrower, the higher the interest rate. After receiving the credit amount, the borrower must repay the principal as well as the interest at fixed maturities. These payments are then paid to the individual investors. Unlike traditional banks, with Mazinia, it is therefore possible to choose the projects in which you want to invest.

Opt for Mazinia

Opt for Mazinia

Mazinia wants to return to the traditional banking system by indirectly giving the possibility to individuals to use their savings to finance the projects of others. With Mazinia, you have the opportunity to choose which project you support and to whom you lend money.

Mazinia also uses “positive money”. That is, the institution lends money exclusively to people who have a concrete project or wish to realize their dreams and who are also able to repay the credit. Used positively, this type of credit is a project accelerator. Mazinia is therefore very strict in the selection of borrowers, a positive point for investors who are therefore more certain to recover their money plus interest.

In addition, if you apply for an indirect loan at Mazinia and you repay your credit on time, you get a discount on the fees. Mazinia wishes, in this way, to reward those who respect their repayment plan.

You can also, as a borrower, take out insurance so that, in case of death or permanent disability, your loan is still repaid.


Ready energy: discover the energy credit! Mon, 10 Jun 2019 07:36:06 +0000

The energy loan or how to spend money to win

The energy loan or how to spend money to win

Do you want to reduce your energy bill ? You can not support the costs of the necessary work and modifications? Do not give up on it: turn to energy loans !

An ill-conceived house, poorly insulated or poorly arranged, can quickly inflate your energy bill. Old dwellings are also customary heat and energy wastage. To bring them up to date, however, it is advisable to invest more or less money…

Swap its old boiler for a new, more ecological and less energy intensive, install a controlled mechanical ventilation to limit the drafts of air while improving the quality of it, isolate attics, walls and roof or changing the chassis is actually a cost. Cost that all households unfortunately can not cope with.

If there is a whole series of aids and bonuses specially developed to help us to undertake such work, it remains that they do not allow to include the bill in its entirety. Fortunately, to support the remaining amounts, it is possible to opt for the energy loan.

Energy credit in practice

Energy credit in practice

The loan Crediloin energy is none other than installment loan (personal loan) focused on the energy aspect of our homes. The monthly payments of the energy credit are therefore fixed, even though the amount borrowed is known from the outset.

Energy credit: what for?

The energy credit can be subscribed on many occasions:

  • Realization of an energy audit
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Replacement of an existing lighting system for the benefit of another, more energy efficient
  • Purchase and installation of a room thermostat
  • Replacing old chassis with new ones
  • Installation of high-performance glazing
  • Replacement of current faucets with thermostatic faucets
  • Insulation of roofs, walls, floors or attics
  • Installation of a new boiler (condensing boiler, for example)
  • Placement of a controlled mechanical ventilation
  • Installation of a heat pump

50% energy – 50% work

Attention, the energy credit is an affected loan. In other words, this means that it can only be granted to you by means of proof of quotation and / or invoice in connection with the works which are the object of the credit.

Particularity: you can use half of the amount borrowed to perform transformation work that does not necessarily aim to achieve energy savings. Thus, if you choose to subscribe an energy loan to install solar panels on your roof, for example, with the remaining half of the sum, you are free to arrange your attic or to redo your kitchen or your room bath!

Invest to win

Invest to win

You know the saying that borrowing money also costs money. If the works, whatever they are, will also cost you, remains that this money is not stupidly thrown by the windows. Eventually, it is likely to make you win, your energy bill is logically brought down through them.

Bank loan providers at the best rate Tue, 28 May 2019 07:57:47 +0000

What is a loan?

A personal loan, also called installment loan, is a consumer loan that allows you to borrow a certain amount at any time and repay it each month by a fixed amount over the period of your choice. The duration of a personal loan varies from 6 months to 120 months depending on the type of loan and the desired amount. Unlike a secured loan such as a home loan that requires you to secure the credit granted by one of your property collateral (such as a car or a house), the installment loan requires no collateral. You only have to repay each month the fixed and pre-determined amount that is the amount borrowed plus interest. As long as you make the repayments on time, you can use your loan money to finance all your personal projects. You can use the funds to change the layout of your home, pay off debts, offer the holidays you have always dreamed of, finance your wedding, etc. Personal loans can have repayment terms of up to 12 years, which allows you to better manage your finances.

Loan offers in Belgium

Loan offers in Belgium

The personal loan is a standard service for which you can subscribe to most banks and financial institutions in Belgium, such as Debi Bank, Yoabank, FourCare finance, Menourbank, GUO bank, Ziabank, gbd, OUT, Crediter, Melvis, etc. These financial institutions offer loans at competitive rates. With the help of OneNotchPare and its online comparison tool, you can keep in mind all the offers of each lender on the Belgian market and compare their rates in order to save money. Compare free interest rates, monthly and total repayment amounts and the various services offered by credit providers. OneNotchPare is free and easy to use: quickly find the installment loan that meets your needs and the lowest rate.

How to get my loan?

How to get my loan?

Hard to find time to leave work and go to the bank? Get your loan online on OneNotchPare and save valuable time! Quickly simulate your loan by choosing the desired amount and term of repayment, choose the bank that offers the best rate and click on the “more information” button. In just 3 steps you have the opportunity to subscribe quickly and simply to the loan that will allow you to finance all your projects. The additional information you must fill out on the application form varies from bank to bank. To subscribe to a loan, you must be 18 years old, be resident in Belgium, have no credit dispute. Some financial institutions may ask you for proof of income and residence, so be prepared to provide a copy of these documents if necessary. Find the best offers among the best credit providers in Belgium. Compare and make the request now with the help of OneNotchPare.

Photovoltaic panels loan Sun, 26 May 2019 07:12:02 +0000

In view of the increase in the price of electricity, self-consumption becomes a real necessity. This is where the photovoltaic panels loan comes in.

A photovoltaic panels loan for significant savings

A photovoltaic panels loan for significant savings

We are in an era where it is unthinkable to live without electricity. How would we operate multimedia devices, appliances, lighting …? However, it is clear that energy bills tend to rise, which inevitably has an impact on the household budget. This increase is mainly due to increased consumption as new electrically powered appliances appear on the market. The installation of photovoltaic panels is therefore an attractive option.

Why invest in photovoltaic panels?

Why invest in photovoltaic panels?

At present, 80% of the energy used in Belgium is fossil (non-renewable). They are generally produced in foreign countries, which contributes to the steady increase in their costs. In addition to incurring heavy expenses, fossil fuels have harmful consequences for the planet.

It is therefore important to switch to renewable energies. Solar panels allow you to produce the electricity you need. In other words, you no longer depend on electricity suppliers, which cancels or at least helps to reduce bills significantly. As solar panels run on green energy, you can freely consume electricity without worrying about the impacts on the environment. These benefits are guaranteed over the long term.

Nevertheless, the acquisition of this equipment is quite expensive. That’s why many consumers decide to borrow money to provide partial or full funding for their projects. You too can apply for your photovoltaic panels loan.

How does the type of photovoltaic panels loan ?

How does the type of photovoltaic panels loan ?

The credit proposed to finance the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels is similar to the green loan. As a reminder, the green loan or energy credit is offered to Belgian residents who wish to start work to optimize the energy performance of their homes. The credit granted must be used for the reason mentioned in the request. Remember to provide a quote as supporting document because the allocation of the loan is subject to acceptance of your file.

In Belgium, the amount granted ranges from € 2,500 to € 30,000. It is repayable over a period of up to 120 months. As this is an installment loan, you pay a fixed monthly payment with a fixed interest rate over the entire loan period. The amount to be refunded every month is therefore determined in advance, which leaves you free to refuse or accept the offer in question. This stability assures you a great ease in your financial management.

Find a loan in accordance with your expectations

Find a loan in accordance with your expectations

There are many financial organizations offering credit to finance solar panel installation work. Each of these institutions applies its own conditions. It is therefore necessary to take the time to assess your needs before you start borrowing.

Start by comparing the offers for photovoltaic panels. You will need to consider the consumption of your home to determine the best option.

In parallel, you must evaluate your debt capacity. This is the amount you can use to pay back the photovoltaic panels credit. It corresponds to about 30% of your income but varies according to the banking establishment to which you apply. To make it easier, consider using a credit simulator. You will see how much you can borrow according to the loan term.

The comparison of the loan offers for the installation of solar panels is an important step. Pay special attention to rates that can lower or increase your monthly payments. Also note that some institutions are quite flexible on photovoltaic panel credits. These financial organizations accept, for example, that a certain percentage of the credit is allocated to the panels and that the rest is engaged in other energy-saving works. These credit offers are interesting if you plan to redo your insulation or invest in electrical appliances that consume less than the ones you currently use.

Also inquire about the duration of the processing of your file, the different reasons that may motivate the refusal of your application, not to mention the terms of a possible refund. It is important to understand all the details of the offers received before you commit.

Wedding credit: for a wedding as you dreamed! Wed, 08 May 2019 07:16:15 +0000

Wedding loan: organize your wedding with the Crediloin wedding loan

Wedding loan: organize your wedding with the Crediloin wedding loan

As the old saying goes, “love can not be explained”. Have you fallen mad / crazy about your half? If it is clear in your mind that it is the man or woman of your life, do you also want to unite forever before your respective families? You dream of getting married since you are old enough to talk? The big day is finally here? Do you want to see things big? Your savings can not cover all or part of your expenses? Your loved ones are not able to help you financially? Crediloin can. Discover everything you need to know about wedding loan!

Wedding loan: money is no longer an obstacle

Wedding loan: money is no longer an obstacle

Many people claim that their wedding was the best day of their lives. To marry, to unite with the person we love is indeed an important step forward. Marriage marks for many the end of one life and the beginning of another, two. Nevertheless, such an event generally requires a greater or lesser investment. And even if, unlike those who choose not to skimp on the expense, you want to be careful, the basic amount remains substantial.

If the tradition that the parents of the bride and groom participate in the costs remains, remains that it is not always possible… And if you yourself are not able to bear this burden, rather than see your dream s’ fainting, there is a solution: take out a marriage loan.

Marriage and its (very) many expenses…

Marriage and its (very) many expenses...

From the purchase of the dress and the costume to the rent of the place of reception while passing by the purchase of the alliances, the cost of the photographer, the caterer and the animation, not to mention the honeymoon, it is a made certain: a wedding is expensive, even very expensive. If the overall amount logically depends on the quality of services offered as the number of guests invited to the party, remains that even the smallest of marriages is far from cheap.

Thanks to the wedding loan, you can cover all of these expenses, enough to enjoy this unique day!

Marriage credit in practice

Marriage credit in practice

The wedding loan is just a personal loan. It is therefore an unallocated credit. Its obtaining is relatively easy and fast. It should also be noted that since it is a personal loan, you can sub-divide the amount borrowed as you see fit.

The Crediloin wedding loan

By subscribing your wedding loan with Crediloin, you make sure to benefit from a quality and fast service since our experts are committed to answer you within 24 hours!